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SOHO Suite # 3 / Professional Services Suite
1-2. Prepaid Legal Services.

Pre-Paid Legal Services Program for One full Year - NO Monthly Fees...

The Family Legal Access Plan maintains a Primary National Attorney Network of over 600 Law Firms and 2,000 Attorneys to help you resolve virtually ANY legal matter. Whether it be a divorce, child custody, family will, business dispute or a simple traffic ticket, you can get your legal problem resolved in a timely matter.

Certified Financial Planning Services...

No Cost Consultation with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with a Financial Plan prepared by a CFP, periodic updates, Nationwide network of Financial Planners available for Retirement Planning, Individual Budget Assessments, Estate Planning, Life Insurance Plans, Educational Assessments, Pension Plans and more. . Top

3. Bodkin Tax Kit (A $299.00 Value)

Tax Strategies For Business Professionals (A Former IRS Agent gives hundreds of Insider Tips including how to make your business Audit Proof!) Top

3B. $500 Bodkin Tax Legal Documentation Certificate Top

4. Tax Audit Protection Service through TAPI, who has been in the Tax Audit Defense Business for 16 years with over 600 Tax Audit Specialists. $ 70 Certificate For 1st Month Free.

USA TAX PRO Professional Tax Services Unlimited Private Toll-Free Telephone Help Line Knowledge is power and just a phone call away. Consult with tax profess any tax question. Get tax solutions; develop a plan with professionals, power highly effective. Handle all communications from and/or State Income Tax Division Assign a team of former IRS 1 specialists to your case. Develop a strategy with you, a with the IRS on your behalf. Handle your tax audit through appeals. Tax collection counseling. Tax Preparation at Lowest Rate (We encourage you not to leave your current tax prepares, but if we can assistance with your tax returns at our lowest subscriber rate.Top

5. Pre-Approved Merchant Card Services. Top

6. $795 Stainless Stee Pots and Pans Set / Gift Voucher. Top
7. 9 Months Web Hosting. Top Of Page

8. $500 Vacation Gift Certificates Top
Travel Deals...* Save 50% on Hotels "See America" Card * Save 50% on Golf Green Fee's "National Golfers Network" * Save up to 20% on Airfares and Carnival Cruise Lines. * "Two for One" Casual Dining Offers. * Savings on Tickets at National Amusements Parks * Save on Pet Products * Save up to 25% on Auto Services. * A FREE Vacation in Las Vegas with $500 in Cash, Chips, Meals, Drinks, (Show Tickets, Slot Play at several Las Vegas Casinos. 3-Days 2-Nights.)

9. BONUS...$1500 Grocery Coupon Savings Booklet Top


10. $1500 Co-Op Advertising Top of Page
Contact Us Continental Advantage is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Top of Page