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SOHO Suite # 1 / E-Mail Marketing Suite (E-Commerce “Spam Free”)
  1. Email Marketing Kit and Software. Includes a CD Rom with Four Powerful E-mail Marketing Programs and Loads of Utility Programs. EZ to use insrtuction manual to promote any business you wish!
  2. 9 Volume Promotion Reference Library. The Net Promo Knowledge you need!.
  3. 25,000 Fresh Opt-in E-mails Fresh Leads sent thru your computer!
    1. Email Marketing Kit. See Email Kit Adobe Instructions Here


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    E-Mail Marketing Software(All software requires Windows 95 or greater operating system)Top

    The Software...

    • Arksoft List Cleaner and Verifier to Check Emails.
    • List Manager Breaks and Organize your Lists.
    • List Randomizer Randomizes your Lists. (To Get Through Filters)
    • Aureate Mass Mailer To Mail out Your Lists. (Easier to use than Stealth!)
    • STEALTH Mass Mailer To Mail out Your Lists.


    The Utilities are for Unzipping files and opening large text files. 

    • Winzip.exe -Install this to zip and unzip any file.
    • Txtpad16.exe -16 bit program for opening large text files.
    • Txtpad32.exe -32 bit program for opening large text files.
    • Superpad.exe -Another great program for opening text files.
    • -Rename/Edit large batches of address files.
    • Zipit.hqx -Install this on MACs to zip and unzip files. To
    2. E-Mail Marketing Reference Library (Marketing Resource Library (Included for information purposes only) Top of Page
    2. Learn the ropes of email marketing, from the pitfalls to the pinnacles. The most comprehensive guide to email marketing.
    3. BULK EMAIL MANUAL 2 by Pamela Shieve. Targeted Commercial E-Mail Marketing Methods defined and Explained.
    4. CLASSIFIEDS MAGIC (Must Unzip) Selling Online Using Classifieds.
    5. COMMON SENSE SELLING E-BOOK Multi-level marketing, deception in marketing, profits with free publicity, classified advertising, etc…
    6. E-MAIL MARKETING PRIMER More Marketing and Promotion Techniques Using Email.
    7. GUERILLA WEB PROMOTION Marketing and promotion secrets of the most successful marketers.
    8. INTERNET MARKETING KIT Promoting a business on the Internet, the MLM secret, 10 keys to a successful web site, 150 places to advertise, reaching the masses, learning what works.
    9. INTERNET MARKETING MANUAL The BEST Marketing and promotion secrets of the most successful marketers.
    10. SUPER MARKETING TIPS E-BOOK How to advertise on the Net, setting up and promoting a website and domain, making big money, automating your business
    11. SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING E-BOOK The laws of advertising, salesmanship and service, headlines, psychology, telling your story, distribution, individuality
    12. SEARCH ENGINE TACTICS Ways to rank high with the Search Engines. ZD Net gives it 5 Stars!
    13. COMPUTER BASICS Instruction in the basics of using The Utilities, File Moving and Miscellaneous Bulk Emailing Info. Top of Page
    BONUS... The Science of Getting Rich! Revolutionary E-book with Amazing Insights into making Riches a part of your reality!

    3. 25,000 Opt-In Targeted E-mails…Instructions for Use.

    Can be downloaded via your or Email Address. Please Only Send 100 at a time and NEVER More than 200 per Day.

    Lists are already broken into 100 E-mails. Randomize and then send. (Unless Instructions say otherwise.) Top of Page

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