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The All-In-One Professional Solutions for Self-Employed Business Entrepreneurs.

The Core Group has received national recognition for its services and has been listed as "One of the 200 Hottest Home Based Businesses" by Business Startup Magazine, as well as Entrepreneur's "Be Your Own Boss" 2001 Buyers Guide and was featured in Entrepreneur's Top 200 Home Based Businesses.

The CA MasterCard Debit Card...Access to your Money at 780,000 ATM's Worldwide. Better than a Bank Account. No Credit Checks. No Employment Verification. No Interest. No Processing Fee. Companies may utilize the card to pay salaries, commissions which are transferred directly to their Distributor's personal Card and available immediately.

Affordable Health Services that Cover the Entire Family... * Dental Care * Vision Care * Doctor Visits * Cosmetic Surgery * Chiropractic * Prescription Drug Plan * VIP Health Club * Hearing Aids * Nurse Hotline * Travel Assistance * Medifile - Medical Record Retrieval System. * Professional Physician Referral Network with over 300,000 Physician Providers.

Your Taxes Save 50% next Year with our Program!

  • Tax Strategies for Business Professionals - Overview
  • Turn Your Castle Into A Tax Deductible Gold Mine
  • If You Don't Have a Home-Based Business, Start One Today!
  • Starting Up A Business - State / City Requirements.
  • Take Bite Out of Your Taxes Before Year’s End!
  • Sandy Botkin - Bio
    Your FREE Credit Library
    For Personal and Business Use
    The American Credit Library is a 3 Volume collection complete with forms, phone numbers and everything you need to fix or enhance your credit standing.
    Below you will find 5 Departments to Make Running Your Business Easier...

    BIZ TAXES (A Former IRS Agent gives hundreds of Insider Tips including how to make your business Audit Proof!)

    CREDIT Department (Personal and Business - A 3 Book Library!) Top of Page

    HEALTH CARE (Massive Savings For the Entire Family - No Deductible, Covers your Family and business for a FULL Year!)

    LEGAL Department. Business Structure and Counsel and dozens of other ANSWERS...

    BIZ RESOURCES (Hundreds of Instant Answers to all Your Business Questions!)

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