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About Continental’s Power Point Digital Books

How  to Best  Download and view the Books and Videos...

There are three kinds of Digital books on our website, Exe. Adobe PDF, and video presentations.

Download all books to your hard drive using the instructions below. (Basically - right click - "Save target as") then open later on your own computer. You may want to create a folder for all of them.

Digital Books are best viewed online when connected via DSL or high speed cable modem. If you are on a phone line with a 56k modem (AOL) it would be better to view the power point presentation from the Adobe-PDF format. If so you may want to save the digital book to a temporary file to view latter, however it may take up to 30 minutes to Download.

Digitial Book Instructions

To turn the pages, place your curser on the right side of the book and click the left button, each time you are ready to see the next page. To go back to a previous page move the cursor  to the left side of the page and  left click. To close the book “right click” and exit.

If viewing  form the PDF format, use the  “Page Up or Page Down  buttons  to change and view the pages.

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