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Affordable Health Services that Cover the Entire Family

To help serve our nations 70 Million Under Insured families, we offer the Continental Advantage Care Medical Benefits Savings Card. There are now over 40 Million Americans who have NO Medical Benefits of any kind. Many small business owners cannot afford to provide health care for their employees. This has become a major issue in the Health Care & Insurance Industry and with  the status of HMOs the number of uninsured families could go even higher. 

Continental Advantage Care has contracted with one of the largest PPOs in the country with over 650,000 Providers, now serving over Eight Million customers nationwide, for more than 15 years.  

Health Plan Features: No deductibles   No Claim Forms No Dollar Limits

No Co- Payments  No Waiting Periods    No Pre-Existing Exclusions

Insured Benefits:

Accident Medical Expense Benefit:  $5000. For each family member, at home, work, school, or play. $100 deductible, per occurrence, per covered family member.

Covered Expenses Include:  Hospital or Surgical Center Care, Prescription Drugs, Doctors, Medical Treatment, X-rays & Lab exams, Therapeutic Services & Supplies, Nursing Care, Dental Treatment from Injury, Professional Ambulance Services.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment:  $10,000 For each family member, including spouse, and all dependent children up to age18,or to age 25 if they are a  full-time college student.

 Non Insurance Discount Benefits:

  • Prescription Drugs - Save 10% to 50% @ 51,000 Pharmacy  Nationwide +  Mail Order Prescription Plan
  • Physician Visits - Save 10% - 30% @ over 325,000 Physicians & Specialists.
  • Network Physician Referral - Save 10 % - 30% @ 650,000 + Physicians includes primary care & specialists.
  • Hospital Network - Save up to 25% @ over 70 % of the Hospitals & at Ancillary Facilities Nationwide
  • Dental Care - Save 20%- 50% @ 19,000+ Nationwide + cleaning=s, X-rays + fillings +orthodontics + periodontics.
  • Vision Care - Save 20%- 60% @ 10,000+ Nationwide + Eyeglasses  + & Non Prescription Sunglasses + Contact lenses, disposables, bifocals + 10%-30 % off medical eye exams/ surgical procedures including LASIK
  • Chiropractic - Save 30% to 50% @ 6,000 Chiropractors Nationwide, Diagnostic services & x-rays
  • Diabetic Supplies - Save 10-40 % on supplies + No Shipping Fees + Blood Glucose Testing Supplies
  • Alternative Medicine - Save up to 30% @ 10,000 + Practitioners, Acupuncture, Nutritional Counseling,
  • Massage Therapists & Holistic Medicine - Includes 33 Different Disciplines.
  • Patient Advocacy - Helps Member find Physician in Immediate Area.
  • Nurse Hot Line - 24/7/365 Toll FREE Access - Bi-Lingual.
  • Counseling Services- Save 20% to 30% @ 27,000 Providers Nationwide  available 24 / 7 no charge
  • Medifile - Medial records storage, secure -access to your medical records.
  •  Hearing Aids - Save 15%- 60 % @ 1200 Hearing Centers, + Beltone + Mail Order Hearing Aids.
  • Long- Term / Elder Care- save up to 30 % - Assisted Living Facilities  55,000+ providers Nationwide 
  • VIP Wellness Systems- Save up to  50% - Weight lose, Control Stress , Stop Smoking Programs, access over 5000 International Fitness Club Network facilities nationwide at clubs lowest membership rate.
  • VIP Health - Vitamins - Nutritional supplements special discount savings.
  • Travel Assist - Emergency Evacuation when over 100 Miles From Home- Medical and Travel assistance.


Legal Services Includes, Free Phone Consultations & Free Will, $ 75 Hourly Cap with 22,000 U.S. Attorneys.

Membership Dues: Weekly = $14.75 SemiBMonthly = $29.50 Monthly = $ 59.00   

Membership Dues : Individual Direct Pay ( non-group or association ) $99.00 Monthly

Introductory Rates: Guaranteed not to increase for 36 months    

The CA MasterCard Debit Card... Access to your Money at 780,000 ATM's Worldwide. Better than a Bank Account. No Credit Checks. No Employment Verification. No Interest. No Processing Fee. Companies may utilize the card to pay salaries, commissions which are transferred directly to their Distributor's personal Card and available immediately. Top

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Your FREE Credit Library
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The American Credit Library is a 3 Volume collection complete with forms, phone numbers and everything you need to fix or enhance your credit standing.
Below you will find 5 Departments to Make Running Your Business Easier...

BIZ TAXES (A Former IRS Agent gives hundreds of Insider Tips including how to make your business Audit Proof!)

CREDIT Department (Personal and Business - A 3 Book Library!) Top of Page

HEALTH CARE (Massive Savings For the Entire Family - No Deductible, Covers your Family and business for a FULL Year!)

LEGAL Department. Business Structure and Counsel and dozens of other ANSWERS...

BIZ RESOURCES (Hundreds of Instant Answers to all Your Business Questions!)

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